About Cataract

What is cataract?
  • It is loss of clarity of the natural lens, which prevents light rays from reaching the retina. It might vary from slight grayish discolouration of lens to pearly white or brownish-black coloured lens depending on the stage and type of cataract.
  • In early cases, a simple change in spectacle power may help. However quality of vision may be affected, and can be noticed easily if the cataract is more in one eye.
  • As the cataract progresses, vision drops even with spectacles, till finally only the perception of light remains.

What are the causes of cataract?
Ageing is the most common cause of cataract. Every person gets it sooner or later, especially people over 60yrs of age. Occasionally it can start at a younger age and rarely it may be present even at birth. Other causes include diabetes, eye injury, use of certain medications, and secondary to other eye diseases such as uveitis and glaucoma.

What are the symptoms of cataract?
  • The most common symptom blurring of vision, which is painless and gradually worsens. Other symptoms include double vision or seeing multiple images, trouble with seeing in dim light and sometimes in excessive sunlight, and becoming sensitive to glare, making night driving difficult. Difficulty in distance vision and in reading are also experienced.