Surgical Options

  • Surgery can be performed manually through 5- 6 mm wound called SICS (Small Inscision Cataract Surgery).
  • Phacoemulsification is at present the universally accepted standard-of-care for cataract surgery.
  • Ultrasound energy is used in phacoemulsification to break up the cataract (emulsify) into microscopic fragments which can be sucked out of the eye.

What is MICS?
  • The surgical wounds have progressively become smaller and now the latest technique is “Micro-coaxial Phacoemulsification” or MICS.
  • MICS is phacoemulsification of the cataract through a wound of 2.2 mm or less, with implantation of an intra-ocular lens through the same wound.
  • Wound healing and refractive stabilization is faster in MICS than in traditional phaco.
  • Furthermore these lenses are preloaded by the manufacturer into the injector. Thus they can be directly injected into the eye without touching the lens by any instruments.